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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nancy Rivard to LeiLei

Dear LeiLei -

We are so proud of you coordinating an immediate response into Mynamar! I am working on getting excess baggage authorized on your flights - but if we cannot do that we will try to send you aid while you are there...and send over a follow up relief team to your trip headed by Dr. Daniel Susott.

I want to put something on my website to support you also (and we are THRILLED to have you as a new Airline Ambassador! ) Please tweak the following quick paragraph below....and lets talk tomorrow.

MYNAMAR - Join our efforts!
AAI member -LeiLei Thein, leaves for Mynamar (May 9) and will lead our disaster assessment team in her native country. LeilLei will work with colleagues from Shelterbox http://www.shelterbox.org/ to hand deliver 100+ boxes in the next week, and prepare the way for our Airline Ambassador humanitarian response. Dr. Daniel Susott will follow LeiLei leading a medical team. Please help....thousands are homeless, and without food or water. Medical supplies, water purification equipment and food are needed. We have established a Mynamar Fund also to respond to the emergency. Click this link to make a donation and contact info@airlineamb.org if you would like to donate supplies, or join our humanitarian efforts. THANK YOU!

All the Best,
Nancy Rivard
President, Airline Ambassadors
418 Cailfonia Ave. Suite #459, Moss Beach, CA 94038
F650-728-7855 www.AirlineAmbassadors.org



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