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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tree of Life Foundation

Dear Luciana,

'It was good to talk to you today and thanks to the Tree of Life Foundation for trying to help the people of Mynamar! I have just received an email from Lei lei Thein, who is coordinating our work there......that our teams cannot get into the disaster areas right now.....so we are keeping our volunteers on hold.

We CAN get donations through Customs until May 24. There are needs for food, water purification or unexpired medications..

If you can get these donated in Florida, we can ask United Airlines and Thai Air if they could donate freight for this humanitarian response. I am ccing contacts above that may be able to help as well. Let's try for 1000 lbs of donations to start.

All the Best,
Nancy Rivard
President, Airline Ambassadors



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