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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Visa to Myanmar

ALoha Joseph and thank you for your quick and kind response.

At this time we at Airline Ambassadors International are exploring how best we can serve in an ongoing way. our expertise is in transporting aid and assisting with its distribution. We hope to have ongoing missions of short duration, 3-5 days, with the focus being on transporting useful supplies, medical and other. We are seeking an in- country partner who can meet our volunteers' planes, transport us and the donations, and help us with lodging. It appears your group are ideally suited to our needs.

I invite you to visit the webpage of Airline Ambassadors International (www.airlineamb.org) and read about Leilei Thein's recent mission to Myanmar. We would like to build on her work and happy to work with you into the future.

I have worked with the Aloha Medical Mission in the past and know that they are planning a mission in July at the same time we are planning to come. They will be working through the Sayadaw Sitagu who has sponsored them on 2 previous visits. They are more focused on providing direct medical services in the delta, and we would like to support them in any way we can, helping to transport their medical supplies as needed, etc.

Thank you again and i look forward to meeting you soon.

WIth sincere best wishes,
Daniel Susott, MD, MPH Medical Director
12 June 2008



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